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Appeals & Judicial Reviews

Except in rare cases, an appeal is your last chance to beat criminal charges, reduce a lengthy sentence, overcome a costly civil judgment, or to overturn a decision of the lower courts. Mindy takes an intensely focused approach - a meticulous legal researcher, she crafts compelling arguments and fearlessly advocates on your behalf.

If you are a regulated professional, an appeal or judicial review may be your final resort for retaining the right to work in your profession. Mindy appeals disciplinary decisions to tribunals and courts including the Ontario Divisional Court, Appeal Committees, and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

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Professional Discipline

Mindy understands how hard you worked to obtain your professional designation and the risk that a complaint or investigation can pose to your career. She vigorously defends professionals at the Committee and Disciplinary Hearing stages of the discipline process. Where necessary, Mindy seeks judicial reviews of decisions that impact your livelihood.

As a former decision writer for the Discipline Committee of a professional college, Mindy has gained unique insight into how disciplinary panels arrive at their decisions.  She uses this insight to effectively advocate for professionals at the hearing stage.

A skilled negotiator, Mindy resolves matters prior to the hearing stage when possible. She assists a wide range of regulated professionals including pharmacists, optometrists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, audiologists, chiropractors, psychotherapists, nurses, dentists, and accountants.

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Criminal and Regulatory Defence

Your criminal lawyer is critical to securing an acquittal, whether at trial or through effective pre-trial negotiations. A seasoned defence counsel and former prosecutor, Mindy takes on select criminal and regulatory charge matters. She is experienced in dealing with a broad variety of offences, including charges under:

  • The Criminal Code
  • The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
  • The Income Tax Act
  • The Employment Insurance Act
  • The Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Mindy brings a thorough and calculated approach to every file and ensures that you receive the best possible defence.

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Insurance Fraud

Allegations of insurance fraud are serious and can negatively impact your career, your employment, and lead to criminal charges.  If an insurance company is alleging you made false claims for insurance benefits, the results can be catastrophic - you might be terminated from your employment, charged with criminal offences, or sued by the insurance company.

Having an experienced lawyer is key to defending yourself.  A lawyer will communicate with an insurance company on your behalf, shielding you from making statements that can later be used against you.  A lawyer will approach your situation with an understanding of how to resolve the issues while simultaneously safeguarding you from criminal liability.

As a former prosecutor, Mindy Caterina assists clients being investigated and audited by insurance companies with a view to protecting her clients' livelihoods and protecting her clients from potential criminal charges.  She understands how dealing with allegations of insurance benefits fraud can impact your your business - for example, if your business services are delisted by your insurance company.

Do not speak with an insurance investigator without first speaking to an experienced lawyer.  The best resolutions are achieved when you speak to a lawyer as early as possible in the process.

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Mindy Caterina is a lawyer with a practice devoted to appeals, judicial reviews, criminal, regulatory, and professional discipline matters.