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Understanding Police Record Checks in Ontario Part II: Attention Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, and School Volunteers

The PCRCA prohibits police from disclosing “non-conviction information” The Police Record Checks Reform Act (“the PRCRA”) provides clear rules about what information police agencies can divulge about Ontarians.  In Part I of this post, I explained how this is a welcome change from the patchwork of police agency policies that previously governed what information police…

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Understanding Police Record Checks in Ontario Part I: Clear Rules are a Welcome Change

The PCRCA creates clear rules for when police can disclose information about you In November, 2018, the Police Record Checks Reform Act (“the PRCRA”) became law in Ontario.  The PRCRA created rules for the police that limit the information they can disclose about Ontarians to prospective employers, volunteer agencies, and foreign governments. Before the PRCRA,…

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Protecting your livelihood as a regulated health professional – dealing effectively with complaints and investigations

In Ontario, health professionals are heavily regulated by Health Regulatory Colleges.  Each health profession is overseen by its own College. For example, opticians are regulated by the College of Opticians of Ontario and pharmacists are governed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.  All Colleges have designated Committees – including an Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee…

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